Internet & Broadband Solutions

Smart Policy Control Suite


Mobile network operators face a continual challenge to monetize data, attract and retain customers along with efficiently managing network resources. What if operators could have a holistic monetization framework, structured around identification and classification of target segments, demand flows which also helps launch the right plans relevant to the subscribers needs over the right channels ? What if one Suite could help manage it all ?

The Smart Policy suite offering from our partner that we bring to our markets combines network and customer intelligence to launch tailored service offerings for enterprise and individual customers for whom operators can rapidly roll-out offers using a range of variables including:

  • Device type - Type of device for accessing data (iPhone, iPad, laptop or eReader)
  • Customer location - Home or office zone or roaming
  • Network status - Congestion at a per cell level
  • Network type - 2G/3G/LTE/Wimax/Wifi/Fixed broadband
  • Service type - Nature of the data session in progress (video, VoIP, tethering,P2P or Facebook)
  • Customer spend - Customer type ( prepaid or postpaid) as well as high median and low ARPU users
  • Customer tiers - Business, VIP, family or government
  • Time of day or day of week - Peak or off-peak hours

Unique Offerings:

Identify and differentiate traffic flows in the network to create innovative offers tailored to usage behaviour.

Open new revenue opportunities via creation of vertical-specific services with other ecosystem players (for instance: content, gaming, texting) and provide customer intelligence, performance and usage analytics, to application and content developers and mobile advertiser.

Single, holistic view of the subscriber, including service entitlements, location, device type and usage behavior, facilitating creation of relevant and targeted plans to maximize customer lifetime value.

In-browsing service activation and fulfillment by seamless integration with My Plans Data Recharge Portal lowers dormancy on the network.

Marketing friendly GUI-based policy creation enables rapid creation of innovative plans in line with evolving market, customer, network and competitive conditions.

Real-time control over network resources with Dynamic policy enforcement based on a range of variables (subscriber, application, device, time-of-day, network, location and content) to help deliver an assured service experience

Customer Experience Management


Measure and quantify your subscriber's experience by combining a unique crowd sourced model with big data analytics and evaluation of quality of experience (QoE) being delivered.

As a Telecom provider, one of the major challenges is to diversify your offerings along with securing high revenue stream. Here is where our CEM platform can be of great help!

Delivering the right customer experience to the right customer at the right time, is what will instantly propel the growth and customer loyalty. This can happen only if the right Quality of Experience(QoE) measurement tool is in place.

Unique Offerings:

End to End CEM measurement through mobile, network probes and DPI

Big data tools with detailed and comprehensive reporting

Real time policy feedback framework

Instantly identify critical KPIs that deviate from given threshold and limits

Real time policy/rule deployment via CEM engine to optimization engine configured within the core network

Provides both cost-saving business model and cost generation business Model.

Traffic Management Suite


A unified framework for Policy Enforcement, Traffic Detection and Service Integration functions to help manage the ever-growing data traffic.

Today, mobile-based data usage has significantly increased. Our traffic management suite provides granular level visibility of every traffic flow and intelligently steers network traffic to organize, prioritize and manage it by dynamically regulating the bandwidth and the quality of service (QoS) for every user.

Single, unified platform for traffic detection, policy enforcement, traffic steering and service chaining.

Enables Integration of services across access networks and virtualized infrastructure.

Reduced Opex and deferred Capex expenditures through effective bandwidth management.

Uninterrupted service delivery by better congestion control and effective enforcement of policies.

Improves efficiency by steering only relevant traffic to a service system based on the user's context and location in the network.

Customer Value Management


Let us help you plan effective engagement strategy for entire customer lifecycle management from acquisition to retention through our innovative and superior marketing solutions.

Our data-driven marketing tool helps you deliver highly contextual marketing campaigns across multiple channels and on any device. Using our solutions, you can acquire, analyze and apply information about customer context (transactional and location) to orchestrate personalized real-time interactions to drive revenue performance and gain competitive advantage.

Optimize revenue per customer

  • Greater relevance of marketing activities optimize customer lifetime value and profitability.
  • Drives higher average revenue per customer via compelling individualized campaigns delivered via the right channel at the right time.
  • Increase response rates by up to 400 per cent and gain quicker feedback on effectiveness.
  • Built-in predictive intelligence allows you to analyze customer behavior to predict attrition probability as well as next-most-likely purchase and propensity to buy. Armed with this information you can optimally target and influence customers with relevant campaigns.

Enhances marketing productivity

  • Execute high volume marketing programs in minutes using automated campaign workflows
  • Leverage a single marketing view of the customer to efficiently personalize communications and get the greatest returns from your marketing efforts

Secures competitive advantage

  • Proactive anticipation of customers' evolving needs and development of effective interaction strategies creates greater perceived value for customers, and secures competitive advantage.

Greater value and relevancy

  • Users receive higher value for money for services and offers they are interested in

Respects privacy

  • Ensures customers are not spammed as the platform is compliant with anti-spam regulatory practices