mPOS( Mobile Point of Sales)

Receiving and making payments has never been so easy! With our unique mPoS solution we give the power to the mobile device in your hand!

Compared to traditional point of sales systems, we use the mobile network instead of fixed line thereby greatly reducing the time and cost of setup! The mobile itself becomes the POS for your shop. Connect it with our custom Bluetooth card reader, and you are ready to receive payments!


Benefits to Merchants/Retailers:

Enable cashless business for all outlets even small groceries - fast and easy
Available on multiple mobile and tablet platforms - iOS, Android and Windows
Stronger Security, Encrypted Transactions
No more "only" cash transactions - get more customers - never miss a sale
Optimized Customer Service
Easier Record Keeping
eReceipts, go green!
No recurring costs

Benefits to Consumers:

Check out faster and no more waiting in long lines
Secure Transactions, no worry of data theft
No need to carry cash at all times - Have Cashless purchases even at the local neighbourhood store
No paper Receipts to manage, your mobile keeps your transaction records

Benefits to Service Providers:

More Outlet Acquisitions
Easier Sales with lower TCO
Faster and simpler deployments
Lower Service and Maintenance costs
Lower Downtime